Do Chickens Need Sweaters?

Mother Nature Network posed this question in a hilarious article about bundling chickens up when it gets cold out. Personally, I don’t think they would be necessary unless the bird inconveniently molted during a cold snap, or had feather loss from an injury. As long as your chicken coop keeps out wind, draft, rain and snow they’ll probably be fine. Of course, this is coming from the person who brings the gang inside when it’s below 20C…



Chicken Coops from Costco


Small chicken coop, $234.99 at

Hey Costco members, if you’re interested in raising chickens they have a relatively inexpensive – albeit small coop for sale. I saw this at my local store, but you can also purchase online. The hardware looks a little flimsy but a quick trip to Home Depot and you can replace anything. It says it houses up to 2 standard size chickens or 4 bantams. If you’re handy, you might want to extend the run to give them more range, or let them out regularly to free range. Also note the photos show a red coop, but the title and description say it’s dark brown.



Dogs and Chickens

Neighborhood dogs are the biggest threat to chickens, IMHO. The worst chicken death incident happened when a stray dog  broke into my coop and killed about 20 birds in just a few minutes. My girls are fortunate to have Jasmine to protect them from predators. When I let the girls free range, Jasmine herds them into a group and stands guard.


Meet Bailey

We have two new additions: Bailey and Joanie, Rhode Island Reds. They integrated with Agnes and Jessica quite easily, and now the foursome love to hang out on the back patio, together. This is Bailey, hopping up and down on the wood pile. I admit that I think all chickens are wonderful, but these four are absolutely hilarious together.