All districts in Davidson County will now allow backyard chickens

Residents in all areas of Davidson County will now be able to keep small numbers of backyard chickens after the Metro Council voted Tuesday to do away with the exemptions previously held by eight council districts.

On January 21, after a 30-minute debate, the council voted 30-8 to eliminate the opt-out clause and require all 35 districts to let residents keep up to two, four or six chickens, depending on the size of their property. That freedom still won’t quite be universal, however: Homeowners association covenants that prohibit chickens will remain in effect.

Councilwoman Karen Bennett, the lead sponsor of the legislation, called it “a real big step forward for Nashville.” Councilman Anthony Davis, a co-sponsor, said the city has proved over the past two years that it “can have chickens without codes crises.”



In memory of Josie


Josie the Chicken Gets Adventurous

Josie finally mustered the courage to enter the kitchen! I let her look around than shooed her back outside. Sweet little lady!




Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs” Sabotages Grand Rapids Chicken Legalization

Grand Rapids, Michigan was ready to follow Nashville in the urban hen movement. Citizens had crafted regulations and met with lawmakers – they were ready!

According to a local I chatted with yesterday, the only difference from Nashville was that the coops could not be visible from the street.

The day came for the vote….  and apparently every lawmaker in the city watched the Discovery Channel the night before. Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Job” aired the episode “Chicken Busters.” The panicked city council then voted the legislation down!



Cat Wants to Eat Chicks


Thanks, Michele!


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